Royal Caribbean paradise future cabin!

While still a concept, the RCI’s cosmic stadium is reminiscent of the work carried out by NASA to improve the life of astronauts.

“We found that NASA’s biggest challenge for their spaceships is the same as that of the rooms of the cruise cabin – ”the lack of an environment” one RCI travel guide said.

“NASA has found what the crew most wanted to be.”

The status decides that by turning the walls into the nature through digital installations that “carry a little from the outside”, according to an RCI employee who shows the space of the event in New York.

“We wanted to create a space where people could see the views of the ocean and sky from their cabin, without having to go to the promenade on the ship.”

The effect ends with rhythmic sounds of calming waves or gentle rain, weak sunrise serve as an alarm, and the night sky revealed on the concept cabin’s ceiling.

“Guests will be able to indulge in VR and AR experiences that transform ship spaces into virtual environments and interactive games, where stateroom ceilings might be replaced by starry skyes, the walls of a restaurant can transform into the sights and sounds of an outdoor cafe, and digital signs challenge you to play an arcade game.”

The Royal Caribbean also uses technology to help improve the vast reputation of the cruise environment in the industry, with the ultimate goal of leaving zero carbon. (Of course, it’s hard to imagine that it is possible for a 200,000-ton ship to shake 5,000 guests across the ocean and leave no carbon footprint.)

“People are now expecting and looking to manage the business in a sustainable way,” Fain said in his opening statement.

For this purpose, the New York event was powered by the new high-performance fuel cell of the company, and the cruise line has a new “lubrication system” that covers the troops of the ships with millions of microscopic air bubbles to help reduce resistance and pulling and returning fuel consumption.

While the bridge is out of bounds, if guests want to see what’s going on inside, RCI is working on a thinking function that allows guests to see through the walls of the cab, holding the phone. “I have to answer Richard about that,” Schneider says. “He said, you have to go find ways in which people can simply have fun. This is a resting holiday!”

RCI performs the new fleet technology in phases, but they hope to have it in 50% of the fleet by 2019, with the installation of all boats expected by 2020.

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