Living On Cruise Ships for Twenty Years

There is a domestic sign on deck 11 of the Royal Caribbean Sea Navigator, which reads “The Office of the Super Mario”.

Every morning, a dapper, strangled traveler, he is there, quietly tapping on his keyboard.

Office corner instead of the corner office, this is the headquarters of the 65-year-old Mario Salcedo investment management business, at least when he is not a dancing, diving, or smoking Cohiba cigar on board.

While for most people, a cruise may be an annual holiday, for Mario, it’s his daily life.

Although he lives in South Florida, Salcedo has been living full-time on a cruise ship for nearly twenty years, this making him a part of the elite Kabal of permanent travelers.

He initially does not intend to become a full-time cruiser. “When I hit 45, I wanted to start a new chapter in my life that I traveled all over the world – it was my vision,” he explains, from a navigator on the seas, on the way to Grand Cayman.

“But I did not know about logistics, whether air, train or sea.” Living in South Florida, he saw many ships bound in the Miami port, so he decided to start cruising – and I never looked back.

Saldedo bought around him, testing different lines until he left for the Royal Caribbean in Voyager on the seas. “It was the largest cruise ship in the world at the time, and so revolutionary – the first ice rink, the first climb on climbing rocks, so many elements moving to another dimension,” Mario recalls.

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Since then he has not stepped on a ship on another boat, and before two month hi celebrate his 7000th night with the Royal Caribbean, or about 850 individual cruises. “Nothing could deceive me from them, because I treat myself as a royal family,” smiled, punningly, “Captains know me.” Indeed, Captain of the Liberty of the Seas Charles Teague, who first called Super Mario a decade ago, a nickname that is stuck from ship to ship.

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