More than 200 people sickened aboard Ovation of Seas cruise

More than 200 people became ill, and five were hospitalized in Australia after the onset of gastrointestinal illnesses that occurred earlier this month.

Symptoms were reported from 209 guests among 5,796 people on board the Ovation of the Sea, according to a spokeswoman for the Royal Caribbean, Kunti Martinez. The ship returned to Sydney on December 7 at the end of a 14-day cruise ship that left Singapore on November 23. “Those affected by short-term illness have been treated by the doctors of our ships,” Martinez told the Associated Press in an e-mail.

She said sanitation experts were flown in to perform “enhanced sanitary procedures” to supplement routine cleaning protocols and “minimize the risk of a recurrence.”

Martinez said there were no details about the type of gastrointestinal disease and that he would not provide conditions for hospitalized guests from privacy concerns.

Australia’s Department of Health in Tasmania said five passengers sought treatment at a hospital in Royal Hobart, where Dr Mark Weich, public health director, said the ship used established protocols for disease management and limited its spread.

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He added that these types of epidemics and requests for medical assistance for passengers are not “unusual” in large ships.

US Centers for Disease Control follow reports of gastrointestinal disease on ships sailing from foreign ports in the United States. The rampage of the raven of the seas falls outside the jurisdiction of the CDC due to the location of the ship.

In the CDC online database this year, 10 epidemics of ships were reported, in which more than 3% of those on the board reported symptoms of “diarrheal disease.”

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The husband of a passenger on a boat raft in Hobart Hospital said his wife had eaten “undercooked chicken”. “Her condition continued to deteriorate and I thought she would die in front of me,” said the passenger, who spoke to the AP on condition that he remains anonymous, questioning privacy issues. He said he was recovering in the intensive care unit.

The ship is on a New Zealand route and is now heading to Sydney.
Бродот е на маршрутата во Нов Зеланд и сега се упати кон Сиднеј.

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