Dolunay: What will happen in Dolunay episode 23 ?

The 23 episode will be very exciting!

In the previous episode of Dolunay, Nazli left home for a while to rest, but Ferit finally realized what he had lost and started looking for.

Asuman went to a house to serve but the guy wanted to rape her, lucky Hakan came at the right time.

Hi finds her in the olive plantations in Izmir. Searching for mushrooms these two are lost in the forest and accidentally they find a small cabine where they will overnight, and finally they will express their feelings.

Asuman enters into trouble again by shooting at the man who wanted to rape her. Of course it is a trap from Hakan so that he can persuade Nazli to divorce from Ferit.

After returning from Izmir Nazli and Ferit, find out that Ferit’s mother will live with them in their house.

In the new fragment, Nazli is blackmailed by Hakan to save her sister.

Ferit tels to the mother that he will not allow anyone to stand between him and his wife.

Hakan asks Ferit’s mother if Ferit knows of the evil her husband has inflicted on his family.

What will happen we will see in the next 23rd episode.

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