Carnival Cruises Line make chances to CHEERS package!

Carnival Cruise just like Royal Caribbean will make a change in the beverage package, coming into force from 2018.

Carnival Cruise will raise the price for a beverage package for $ 2, so it’s good to book a package before increasing the amount, before January 1, 2018.

Price for the beverage package

The previous price for the package was $ 49.95 per person.

As of January 1, the price for the package will be $ 51.95 per person, with fifteen percent gratuities.

For those who want to buy a pack of drinks on the ship, the price will rise from 54.95 to 66.95 dollars (starting January 1, 2018).

The CHEERS drinks program is actually an option that travelers can use if they want a drink of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks while cruising.

Here we can supple ourselves that the beverage program allows a maximum of 15 drinks within 24 hours, also available for people older than 21 years.

You can find the details of the CHEERS package on the official site.

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