Royal Caribbean Cruise Ships will start with two new cruise lines including new Cuban Destinations

The interest of US cruise companies in Cuba was ratified today after Royal Caribbean International announced the opening of new routes and destinations on the Caribbean island in 2018.

The Florida-based company said it would increase its visits double with two ships sailing to Cuba, the Highness of the Seas and the Queen of the Seas and new visits to Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos.

The company said in a statement that additional travel and expansion of experiences in new ports on the southern coast of Cuba will allow adventurous enthusiasts to engage in the culture and history of the energetic island in many ways.

According to the text posted on the company’s website, the historic cities of Havana, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba will be between four to eight night trips to the Queen of the seas, whose commercialization began on Thursday.

Departing from Miami all year, the above-mentioned cruise package consist of seven night routes with visits to Sienfuegos, Havana and Nassau, in the Bahamas; and five nights, including Key West, Florida and Havana.

The cruise line also launched an eight-night trip that includes Sienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba, Grand Cayman and Labadee, in Haiti.

Meanwhile, the Higness of the Seas will continue to offer four and five nights packages in Havana, which include round-the-clock trips with departures from Tampa from April to October, and from Fort Lauderdale from November 2018 to March 2019.

All trips to Cuba will offer excursions intended for guests to experience the destination and comply with the requirements of an educational face-to-face exchange, as established by the U. S.

President and CEO of Royal Caribbean International Michael Bayley noted that Cuba is a very important part of the Caribbean culture.

We look forward to visiting Santiago de Cuba and Cienfuegos to show even greater scenic beauty, rich history and special architecture.

The Royal Caribbean International was one of the 12 companies that participated in the two-day meeting of the International Association of Crossroads held this week in Havana.

The meeting was also attended by the American Cruise Line, Virgin Voyager, Carnival Corporation and Peak, the Dutch American Line and the Norwegian Cruise Linea Holgings.


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