P&O Cruises: Revises Carry-on Alcohol Limits and Dress Code

In changing its previous policies- P&O Cruises has imposed a new code of conduct for travelers who forbid abusive clothing and sets limitations on the amount of alcohol being introduced on the ship.

The Code states that each passenger 18 or older is allowed to bring only one bottle of wine, champagne, beer, alcohol or liqueur up to 1 liter during the initial entry. An additional alcohol, including any purchased on shore or in duty-free shops, will be confiscated and will be kept until the last night of any sailing.

The new regulations also include the prohibition of own group clothing with personal photos or slogans, as well as clothing with offensive messages and fancy clothes out of a particular theme, which may include 60s, 70s, tropical, western or black -beli.

The policy also requires travelers aged 17 and over to adhere to two codes of clothing – resorts or nightwear clothing (without light jeans, soccer shirts, tracksuits or trousers) and cocktail dresses or evening dresses for women and suits for men.

Members of cruise ship forums discussed changes:

“I agree that it is reasonable to allow only one bottle at the first entry, but to allow anything purchased at the ports can cause problems,” says pete14. “Some P & O excursions take vineyards, etc., and some people choose to buy some of the” manufactured “to go home with them.”

“It looks like a general tightening”. “This will not affect most of us, but” cruisers will be affected. We have been on two short trips and we have noticed that there were a number of rowdy hen and entertained fun ladies and gentlemen dressed in costumes for novelties and personal tops.”

P & O did not provide an official reason for the change, but the line noted that it was not trying to distract from the ability of cruisers to have fun.

“For most guests, enjoying their favorite holiday drink is part of the experience and they are welcome to bring it to the board,” said Michel Angel, director of PR for P & O.

As for the Dress Code, in its new policy it is specifically said that “[he] does not want to suppress the fun of someone”.

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