Royal Caribbean Offers Best Value- In New Cruise Rankings

If you plan to go to cruise the following year, there are many things to consider:

-Does the price is ok?

Does the cruise line sail to the destination you want to see?

Does it take care of couples or families?

US News and the World Report may offer some insights. The magazine published its Best Rankings for 2018.

Estimation of 165 ships in 17 cruise lines in six categories. The ranking is categorized to help passengers choose cruises by region, type of passengers and budget.

The Viking Ocean Cruise, which is new to this year’s list, won first place in the category of the best cruise line in the Mediterranean, followed by Seabourn and Regent Seven Seas. Viking plans to add 10 new rivers and ocean ships over the next few years.

In the category of the best cruise for money, at the top of the list is Royal Caribbean International.

Followed by Celebrity and Norway Cruise Line.

Planning to travel with your children? The best cruise line for the family title was on the Disney Cruise line, followed by the Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line.

If you are more interested in getting out of the kids, you would like to try one of the best results in the best pairs for couples in the cruise category: Seabourn, which is new to ratings, the Viking Ocean Cruises and Crystal Cruises.

When talking about luxury ships, Crystal is at the top of the ranking. Followed by the Viking Ocean Cruises and Siburn.

In the category of the best Caribbean cruising lines, the Disney’s circular line was at the top.

For the fifth year in a row, followed by the Royal Caribbean International and the Cruise Sailing Line.

In evaluating the lines, US News takes into account several factors, said Gwen Sherman, editor of the publishing publication. These include excursions, amenities, activities, reputation of travelers, health outcomes from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, travel costs and offers.


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