Smartphone app : No more check-in lines? New Royal Caribbean app lets you walk right onto ship

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – Add a cruise checking application to your list that you can do in the future with just a few touches on your smartphone.

Royal Caribbean Cruisesthe last week announced a new application that will be used on smartphones and will allow all customers to complete the checking process before they arrive on the ship.

As long as they have the smartphone in their pockets, the cruisers will not have to stand on the desk, they will be able to go straight to the ship after the arrival. The application will be linked to a system that recognizes faces of the port and will check their identity while they are heading to the trail.

“You will not have to do anything,,” Royal Caribbean Cruises chairman and CEO Richard Fain told today-at an event at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to show off the technology. ”You will walk to the ship, and your name will appear on the screen and say Hello Jin, welcome to the ship”

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Once on board, You can also use the application as the key for your room. As you approach your room and the door will be unlocked, otherwise it will lock.

Fain said: The idea is to not create a fever for passengers in the first day of their arrival.

“Frictionless used to be an aspiration, it was something we wanted, now it’s something we expect,” Fain said, noting that the app would roll out to all of the company’s brands by 2019. Royal Caribbean Cruises is the parent company of Royal Caribbean, Celebrity Cruises and Azamara Club Cruises.

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The Royal Caribbean program will also allow all passengers to order drinks and they will be delivered wherever they are on board. Also reservations for dinner and short excursions can be booked.

Passengers will also be able to track their luggage from the arrival of the port until its delivery to their room.

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