Keel laid for another giant Royal Caribbean ship, Spectrum of the Seas

On Thursday, the shipyard in Germany officially set up a kil for the Spectrum of the Seas, one of the six gigantic ships ordered by the Royal Caribbean.

Workers in the shipbuilding in Neptune Verft in Rostock, Germany, dropped the first of the dozens of massive steel blocks that would constitute the vessel in a construction port. The block measures 620 tonnes.

Setting up the keel-laying comes two months after the first ship was cut off for the ship.

It is scheduled to be debuted in 2019, the spectrum will be one of the 10 largest cruise ships in the world when it arrives. It will be the first ship in the new class of vessels of Quantum Ultra of the Royal Caribbean, which said the line would be the evolution of its last Quantum class.

Quantum-Seas-Anthen-Royal Caribbean

The Royal Caribbean Quantum class is made up of three ships that debuted between 2014 and 2016. With a measure of 168,666 tonnes of pieces, they are tied to fifth among the largest cruise ships in the world and can hold nearly 5,000 passengers a piece.

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Respecting all the ornaments of large terrain, the Quantum Class ship are full of amusement zones, swimming pools, restaurants, bars, lounges and innovative entertainment locations. Significant features include parachute simulators, bars with robotic barmen, fenders and glass mechanical capsules that appear in the air for bird’s eye view – all industries.

The spectrum is specially designed for China and the Asia-Pacific region.

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