Things True Cruise Lovers Know

Exclusive destinations only cruises uncover:
There are some places that you can’t drive to and don’t have an airport – meaning they’re only accessible by boat, and can be the exclusive haunts of cruise goers. What’s more, you can travel there in luxury on a cruise ship. Here is a look at some other gems of cruising known to the experienced.

1. Sociability to Infinity

Making friends with other cruisers is a breeze. Activities also social activities are made for such opportunities, certainly add to the engaging and relaxing atmosphere of the ship experience. You can even request to be seated at dinner with new people every night to increase opportunities to meet new folks.

Ships have modernized over the last few years, and now provide state-of-the-art facilities to suit all ages and persuasions. Expect to find quality Wi-Fi for streaming and onboard adult comedy shows aimed squarely at 18-30s. So whatever age you are, you’re sure to meet like-minded people.

2. Breathtaking Views

No matter where your cruise is headed, you can expect that incomparable feeling you get when nearing your next destination and incredible panoramic views present before you. A tiny airplane window simply can’t compare. And with some cruises, the entire journey is a feast on the eyes, such as trip through the Norwegian fjords or floating between glaciers and icebergs in Alaska.

3. Exquisite dining opportunities

Beyond the jaw-dropping buffets, the additional options for eating on a cruise ship are extremely wide. You can eat al fresco on deck and on some of the high-end liners they have dining establishments to rival the world’s finest. From hot dog on a stick to world renowned sushi, you can find it at sea.

4. Once-in-a-lifetime Shore Excursions

The best times off the ship are had with shore excursions – many of which are once-in-a-lifetime experiences like sledding with Alaskan huskies or zip lining through the jungle.

Each one providing an authentic way to get to know the local area you are visiting. There are even opportunities to enjoy host families taking you into their homes for a meal or to local activities such as dancing. Do your research and you will find there is more than ample time to fall in love with the places you visit, with some lines providing longer off-the-boat and overnight stays

5. Never will you be bored

For many, the main point of a cruise is to travel to exciting destinations, but even between port stops, the options for activity are endless. Many of the large cruise ships are kitted out with full sized gyms,rock climbing, mini golf  and even carousels. There are even lines with what they call ‘Fun Ships,’ complete with spa, shopping  and activity areas, big-win casinos and live shows put on daily.

6. Cabins don’t have to be pill boxy

Obviously, the more you’re willing to pay, the more you’ll get in terms of onboard experience. And even if you can’t afford a suite, staterooms can be surprisingly spacious, especially if you get a balcony room exposing open views. There are even some interior rooms, with virtual views, so you enjoy the illusion of more space, without having to pay the extra.

7. VIP treatment costs less than you might think:

You can get a good deal on a cruise, still get star treatment, plus added extras won’t usually break the bank. You might even consider travelling on smaller ships, where the crew to passenger ratio is much higher, as this can give you more personal attention, for an experience that feels ‘VIP’.

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