Diet specifically designed for everyone with excess accumulated fatty deposits around the stomach

A magical diet that reduces the most critical zone where the accumulated fatty deposits are the hardest to reduce or remove forever-the stomach.


Breakfast is every day the same: a cup of muesli with milk (eat with a small teaspoon).

First snack:

Dried almonds, walnuts, one hand hazelnuts (under 50 grams).


This is your main meal during a diet, for lunch you can eat meat as much as you want and fish, no-skinned chicken, veal, lamb, and pork you can with no fat. Avoid meat processing because everything can be found in their composition.

You can eat one piece of white or rye bread.

You can prepare the meat in any way (but avoid daily roasting).

Second snack:

Fruit: one apple, pear, one hand strawberries, raspberries, etc., depending on the season. Avoid bananas.


Example 1 – A clear vegetable soup without pasta, sardine or tuna with squeezed oil, a piece of whole bread (pay attention to the amount of bread).

Example 2 – A clear vegetable soup without pasta, a glass of yogurt, a piece of whole bread.

Example 3 – A clear vegetable soup without pasta, two hard boiled eggs, one tomato.

Because of physical exercises and monotonous diet, drink vitamin-mineral tablets.

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