North Korea reacted on Wednesday to Europe’s concerns that it is on the path of potential nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles from Pyongyang (ICBMs), assuring the leader of the Western military alliance NATO that such weapons are intended only for the United States.

NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg, during an interview last week with the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shimbun, said that “Europe has also entered into the missile range [North Korea], and NATO member states are already in danger.”

The newspaper “Rodong Shinmun“, which runs in the ruling North Korean party, has opposed these claims, calling Stoltenberg’s  “fake and groundless” remarks because, while European states are indeed in the North Korean missile range, Pyongyang does not intend to pull trigger.

“The KNIC’s ballistic missiles are to deter the hysterics of nuclear war in the United States and to secure peace and security on the Korean peninsula and the region. They do not threaten Europe and the world,” the commentary, according to the official Korean central news agency, are on the official title of the country: the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

“It is not the DPRK itself that has the ICBM in the country. If what Stoltenberg said is true, ICBM countries naturally should pose a threat to Europe, as within their range,” he added.

The article further blamed Stoltenberg for potentially “trying to boast the United States to continue its remaining days,” but immediately warned that history has shown that “the liars do not last long.” While NATO includes 29 members across Europe and North America, the United States is by far the largest financial and military contributor to its formation at the start of the Cold War in 1949.

While NATO is traditionally preparing for a war with Russia, the rapid progress of the North Korean military has ordered leader Kim Jong Un set the bulk of the world on the trajectory of the arsenal of the recycled state. North Korea has long claimed that it does not want to attack first, but has developed ballistic and nuclear weapons to discourage the United States from attempting to overthrow the Kim Dynasty.

But the United States and many of its allies have rejected this reflection and demanded that North Korea hand over its nuclear stockpile, which is increasingly tense after President Donald Trump assumed the task of tackling the crisis earlier this year. Trump took a particularly aggressive attitude toward his rival and responded in the form of North Korea’s vast promise of destruction.

During his first presidential visit to Asia, Trump was due to make a surprising visit on Wednesday in a strongly demilitarized zone, which formed the border between North Korea and South Korea, with the support of the United States, after the cease-fire from 1953 halted a bloody three-year conflict between neighbors. The visit was canceled due to bad weather. During a press conference in Seoul, Trump summoned Kim to “conclude an agreement”.

A spokesman for the German Foreign Ministry has urged North Korea to heed the US President’s advice of concern that Trump’s foreign policy has become “unpredictable,” Reuters reported.

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