Melanie is quiet and reserved, but also a caring mother

Melanie Trump is certainly one of the world’s most celebrated women. After it became clear that Donald Trump would become an American president, his wife became a target for the public, the media, the malefactors and prejudices.

Although at the beginning of her tenure, many designers refused to cooperate with the first lady, Melanie went out and her style is more often praised by fashion experts.

In addition to being dressed as a true first lady, Melanie has also made her public appearances several times with her public appearances.

He proved that he speaks perfectly French, and recently he was surprised by the message he addressed to children in a school in America.

Kate Bennett, a reporter at the White House CIA, has uncovered unknown details about Melanie.

– Melanie is really quiet and does not show too much emotion. Although many think that this is her role as the first lady, she is privately indeed, “Bennett said.

Americans want to compare Melanie with Michelle Obama. Compared with her predecessor, Bennett described Melanie Trump as very quiet and reserved. In her opinion, it is precisely this comparison that is why people misunderstand Melanie as an unhappy and poor woman.

However, Bennett found that Melanie does not differ much from Michel by the question of enthusiasm for work, and that many will remain surprised by the knowledge that Melanie is not so indecisive and restrained as he was speculating when the first lady’s public duties are in question .

– I noticed that it is very easy to get in touch, and especially happy when it is surrounded by children. We had the opportunity to see it on her travels to Europe proletarian, when she visited sick children and children’s schools in hospitals. I also noticed that she is very focused on motherhood, so I think her son is the greatest caregiver and how to be a good mother, “Bennett said, adding that this was her most impressive public appearance.

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