Cities that will pay you just to live in them

Simply, they sometimes do it to make them happier those who already live there.

These are 4 cities that will pay to everyone who would like to live in them.

1. Niagara Falls, United States

In order to attract young people in this city, the city authorities repay up to $ 7,000 student loans to each young graduate who will be brought to them. It is about a city that today has 48,000 inhabitants, and what problems with the population it tortures, it can be seen from the statistics if we go back in the past.

2. Ponga, Spain

Couples who will get married here from local authorities will receive 3,200 dollars that they can spend on what they want. Today, more than 600 people live in this region in the province of Asturias, only one resident in the industry, and only seven in the construction industry.

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3. Detroit, United States

This city has begun with the Challenge Detroit program that offers $ 2,500 worth of people who are ready to move to this city. The most populous city in the state of Michigan today has 670,000 inhabitants. What’s the problem then? The problem is that the city that once was the center of the automotive industry by the year 2000 had 950,000 inhabitants.

4. Cape Breton, Canada

It’s really worth moving here. It is an island in the state Nova Scotia, to the northwest of the Atlantic Ocean. On this island live 132,000 people.

Every citizen of this city receives a guaranteed monthly income of $ 1,000 as a social experiment. This city does not face the lack of people, even so it goes well with experimenting with each resident having guaranteed monthly income in order to lift the existential pressure. It seems that the experiment will be great.

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