Summer cheaper destination for your family in Europe

Do you want to see Europe this summer without spending your savings? The answer is simple. You just need to know where to go and when.

In the words of singer Alice Cooper: “The school is out for summer!” (Well, it’s not quite yet, but it’s only a matter of weeks.) If you plan to spend the summer in Europe, you will best make your plans now.

To help you know where to go and when, we have excavated data from web pages like or Most people who want to visit Europe just want to see Rome, Paris and London. The cheapest flight time is August. Indeed, you can save 24 percent if you are ready to visit when some shopkeepers go on vacation alone.

You can also save by traveling to alternative destinations to save money. In fact, according to online sources, there are several cities in Europe that may not be at the top ten “travel” list, but maybe they should be.

Here you will find information about the cheapest month to visit and whether it is a good location for individual travelers, groups, families or couples.

Of course, it must also be remembered that the booking of any flight of eight to 10 weeks before the start of your vacation will – according to Kayak – traditionally saves you money. In addition, you should always bear in mind that sometimes budget airlines have a lot of “extra costs”.

They may include weight limits on baggage, choose places or transit costs if you travel to secondary airspace.

Additionally, if you want to get smart ticket purchases, there is some idea. By choosing accurate credit cards, using your points for their maximum efficiency and flexible enough to make plans for the last minutes, once in the way we have even more ideas.

Here are our travel tips for Europe in the summer:



Perfect for: Groups

The cheapest time to go: July

Why go? While hiking through the canals with hands can be romantic, Amsterdam has a lot that actually offers groups. There is shopping in the Nine Streets Area, hip hotels like Huckstone and the popular Rijksmuseum which has its own new restaurant in the interior.



Why go? Barcelona is a good choice, because although August is the cheapest time to go, you can go for three percent more in June or July. You can check Gaudi’s facilities at L’Eixample, a holiday for only a few dollars in the La Boqueria market and stay in the stylish Casa Bonay.



Perfect for: Groups

The cheapest time to go: August

Why go? Berlin is very active in August. You can join the continental dance crowds in August or at the International Beer Festival. Stay on the popular designer Das Stue.



Perfect for: Couples

The cheapest time to go: July

Why go? Enjoy the architecture of the 13th century and stay in the new hotel Van Cliff. It has been updated, the 700-year-old estate turned boutique hotel greeting for its colors and models.



Perfect for: Families

The cheapest time to go: August

Why go? You can connect Dublin with drinking, but think again. Dublin is home to the largest “indoor urban park” in Europe. The unknown Phoenix Park is located west of downtown Dublin. With an area of ​​1,700 hectares, it has a zoo, boulevards with trees, a tea room and gardens.

Moreover, the city itself is friendly to the family. It is home to an aquarium and children’s museum. You can stay in the popular Ashford Castle, where you will be treated as a royal family.

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