North Korea rules out talks, threaten to increase army arsenal in warning to US

North Korea rejected the negotiations and threatened to increase its nuclear army arsenal with a new warning to the United States, while President Donald Trump set out on a tour across Asia.

Mr Trump left for his first presidential trip to Asia yesterday, with tensions over North Korea’s nuclear and missile threats being high.

He is due to arrive in South Korea on Tuesday after his first visit to Japan.

North Korea’s state-run KCNA news agency said in a commentary that the US should be disabused of the “absurd idea” that Pyongyang would succumb to international sanctions and give up its nuclear weapons, adding that it is in “the final stage for completing nuclear deterrence”.

“It’s better to stop dreaming to talk to us about the conversations for denuclearians,” said the comment titled “Stop Sleep Dreaming”.

“Our self-defensive nuclear treasure sword will be sharpened evermore unless the US hostile policy toward the DPRK is abolished once and for all,” it said.

The White House said Mr Trump would hold a speech at the South Korean National Assembly and called for “joint resolve in case of a common threat”.

However, there is great concern in South Korea that a visit by the US president could worsen the situation if Mr Trump fails to curb his fierce rhetoric.

Mr Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un have traded insults and threats of war in recent months.

“Because of his tendency to turn the script, many Koreans are worried that he can lose them,” said Professor Yang Moo-Jin of the North Korean Studies University for AFP.


About 500 protesters took to the streets of Seoul last night, chanting slogans and waving banners while accusing Mr. Trump that bringing the Korean Peninsula to the brink of war.

“No Trump, there is no war,” read one of the banners, while others presented the US president wearing a Nazi uniform.

Nearby, a rival group of about 100 Trump supporters, including many war veterans, shouted: “Welcome to Korea, we believe in Trump”.

Mr Trump, who has dismissed direct talks with Pyongyang as a “waste of time,” will meet with President Moon Jin-in, who took office early this year, advocating engagement with Pyongyang, an attitude declared to be ” reconciliation “by Mr. Trump.

Professor Koh Yoo-Hwan of Dongguk University, a leading political adviser to the government, said Seoul expected Trump to avoid putting Mr. Meun in a trap by renewing serious threats against the North, especially with South Korea hosting the Winter Olympics in February next year.

Mr Moon had to call his policy of engaging with North Korea on the eve of Pyongyang’s ongoing nuclear and missile tests.

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