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The new series “Dolunay (Full Moon)”, which is produced jointly by Med Production and Yagmur Ünal, is available every Tuesday. The new series, featuring Özge Gürel and Can Yaman, will bring a beautiful love screen on Star TV screens during the Dolunay summer season.

At the director’s residence, determined by Türkan Şoray, the full name of the full moon of Çağrı Bayrak will meet with the audience on Star TV screens on Tuesday with new parts each week.

Since we are not sure that we are in Istanbul, the shootings will be made in a luxury village in Istanbul during the season.

Ferit Aslan (Can Yaman) is a successful business man who also seeks the perfect layout in his house. Every day comes a chef who will cook before he comes from work. But none of them can work for a long time due to Ferit’s rigor and perfectionism.

The student of postgraduate studies, Nazli(Özge Gürel), wants to urgently withdraw the house where she lives with her friend Fatos and her sister Asuman, but he can not keep jobs he finds because of her attitude. These two tracks on the opposite side pass through the kitchen of Ferit.

Nazli and Ferit found themselves in love in full moonlight night, while Nazli’s business, which begins with dissociation, seems to be long, because of her talent in food. But love, It’s a much more complicated job than cooking in the kitchen from millions of pounds projects.

Living misunderstanding is midnight; Under full moon, they are in a mixed situation where they can not get out!

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