Mueller : Faces fire from Trump allies as charges reported in Russia inquiry

Contrary to reports that the first arrests of Robert Mueller involvement in Russia’s election in 2016 were inevitable, Donald Trump’s most active defense counsel fought on Sunday to question the scope and integrity of the special council. As he did, the president himself tried to focus attention on alleged scandals with Hillary Clinton.

Acting on several news programs, New Jersey Governor  Chris Christie increased the ability of Miller’s team to be engaged in criminal leakage to the media and stressed that according to recent law enforcement reports, Trump himself was not under investigation.

“It should be kept secret,” Christie told CBS’s “Face of the Nation”, referring to reports that the grand jury issued the first charges. “There are many strict criminal laws for disclosing information from the big jury. Now, depending on who has disclosed this to CNN, it can be a crime.”

Christie directed his murder to Mueller, while the rest of the political world was involved in the first arrests that arose from the investigation of the special council. Like CNN, Reuters and Wall Street Journal reported that Mueller’s team filed their first charges under seal, with one or more arrests coming on Monday.

Speaking to ABC this week, Christie said she “hopes” that the news can not be traced to Mueller’s team.

“As a [former] prosecutor,” he said, “I can tell you that this is what we pointed out most with our prosecutors and our agents, was:” Let me tell you something: we will persecute you if we find that discovered this thing. “”

Trump, among other things, furiously surprised Mueller’s investigation – without referring to the sealed indictment.

“I’ve never seen such a republican angel and unity as I have about Clinton’s lack of investigation,” Twitter said, floating like presumptive scandals “an uranium deal for Russia, 33,000 plus deleted emails, Comey fix and more.”

“Instead, they see false Trump / Russia, a” plot “that does not exist. [Democrats] use this terrible (and bad for our country) witch hunting for bad politics, but [the Republicans] are now struggling as never before .

“There are so many GUILT by the Democrats / Clinton, and now the facts are pouring out. DONE NOW!”


The identities of those charged with the grand jury of Miller were still secret on Sunday morning.

“You want to execute people and hit people who have information of incriminating nature over you in the food chain,” Preet Bharara, a former US lawyer for the southern district of New York, who was fired by Trump, said in the CNN union.

Asked if Trump may be considering “preventive pardons” to remove the pressure for “smaller fish” to give evidence, Christie said: “I’ve never seen the president speak about it.

“It’s a very important power to use and I have not heard that the president is saying something like that, and I do not think it should go any further,” he said. “Of course, these people should not sit around saying,” Hey, there’s no problem. ”

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