Marijuana : Does Smoking Pot Lead To More Sex?

Tobacco companies are making efforts to give them sexual attraction to cigarettes, but more sensitive smoke can actually belong to marijuana.

Some users say that the pot is a natural aphrodisiac, despite scientific literature that turns mixed results on the subject.

At the very least, a study published Friday in a Journal of Sexual Medicine suggests that people who smoke more weeds have more sex than those who smoke less or refrain. But whether the cause or effect is not clear.

The researchers gathered data from about 50,000 people who participated in the annual research of the Center for Disease Control and during various periods between 2002 and 2015. “We reported how often they smoke – monthly, weekly or daily – and how many times had sex in the last month,” said Dr. Michael Eisenberg, a urologist at the Stanford University Medical Center and senior author of the study. “What we found was compared to those who never used, those who reported daily use had about 20 percent more sex, so in one year they have sex, maybe 20 times.”

Women who consumed marijuana daily had sex 7.1 times in one month, on average, for men it was 6.9 times. Women who did not use marijuana at all had sexual intercourse 6 times a month, while men who did not use marijuana had sex on average 5.6 times a month.

When researchers contemplated other potentially surprising factors, such as the use of alcohol or cocaine, age, religion, or children, it is said to be associated with more marijuana and more sex, says Eisenberg. “It was pretty much every group we studied, this model continued,” he says. The more marijuana smoked, the more it seemed to have sex.

Now, this association does not mean that weed is responsible for the increased sexual drive, says Mitch Earleywine, a psychologist at the University of Albany, who studied cannabis and sex, but was not involved in this work. “In some surveys, we have seen that people [who have used cannabis] had sex more, but seemed to be brokered by this type of person who wants to try new things or seek amusement,” he says. In other words, it seems that people who want to smoke the weed can also have other character traits that suggest them to be blasphemous.

Or maybe it really is weed. “It’s possible that men or women are more interested in sex,” says Eisenberg. In a study, the researchers found that they were able to induce sexual behavior by injecting cannabinoid, a class of marijuana-related psychoactive compounds into rats. But, of course, people are not rats.

Another study published in 2012 showed that women are more agitated when watching erotic films when they have had cannabinoids in their system. But this can only be because weed seems to increase sensory experiences in general. “It makes people appreciate the moment more anyway,” said psychologist Earleywine. “They prefer food, it’s easier to find humor in things, so it would not be unlikely they would think they would enjoy sex anymore.”

Regardless of the relationship, Eisenberg said his results have led him to think that the pot, unlike tobacco that can reduce libido and performance, will not take out the steam from the sex drive. “One question that my patients always have is that smoking marijuana will often adversely affect my sexual function?” Eisenberg said. “We do not want people to smoke to improve sexual function, but they probably do not hurt things.”

Not everyone agrees with that conclusion. “It’s very stretching here,” says Dr. Rany Shamloul, a researcher at the Canada hospital, who focuses on sexual health and function. He did not work on the latest study. In the strange Catch-22, Shamloul says recent research shows that cannabis can actually make it difficult for a man’s penis to become straight, even if weeds can involve people. “Recent studies have shown cannabinoid receptors in the penis itself, and experiments in the laboratory show an inhibitory response,” he says. “Basically there was a mixed result. Cannabis can increase the frequency of sexual arousal in the brain, but it also reduces the erectile function in the penis.”

There is another question that can throw cold water over the potential of cannabis as a lover. A common unwanted effect of marijuana is a dry mouth, and the University of Albany’s Earleywine suggests that an unclean mouth may not be the only thing that turns into dry. “The drying of the mucous membranes is a fairly consistent effect of the plant, and women should keep in mind when they think about cannabis as sexual aid.” I know some products have THC or cannabinoids in a lubricant, but I have not seen any facts about this ” , he says.

Stanford’s Eisenberg says his study does not prove the idea that marijuana enters people in the bag, although he says it’s an opportunity. There is really only one conclusion that can safely get out of work: cannabis users do it more.

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