New Orleans city where you spend your time with pleasure

The bottom 48 in the US does not have a lack of entertainment venues to visit. America at its core is setup to be home on the road trip after all.

There are unusual beach towns, bustling cities, charming mountain ranges and picturesque deserts – and then, here is New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA). Not only does not have such a thing in the United States, the same can be said throughout the world. It even made our list of 13 romantic couples to travel.

If you ask 1,000 people how best to experience NOLA, you will probably get as many unique answers as possible. There are so many things that you need to do, so plan to wake up and wound them and hit the ground.

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Cafe and Beignets: New Orleans has its own version of almost everything you can imagine, and breakfast is no exception. The city is famous for its tops in your mouth (the sophisticated cousin of a donut … No, it’s not a knee … this is more freer than that heavenly joy. Think about the incarnate cake, okay, this does not sound elegant at all .). Cafes and buggies are practically made for each other, perhaps more than donuts.

You are a judge, and try for yourself. The chances are that you will get stuck, and then you start to suffer from withdrawals after you return home. No one makes them quite similar to Cafe du Monde, which has been around since 1862. Try it at your own risk!

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Take your art to: Jackson Square, “Place d’Armes”, as it was in the 1700s, is a timeless attraction in the heart of the French Quarter of New Orleans. Here you will find local artists, talented street performers, and even omnipresent musicians.

Unlike some of the other parts of the city that can sometimes get sick, especially in the French Quarter, Jackson Square has a more refined attitude. Perhaps it is an aristocratic feeling of French architecture that sets the cornerstone of culture in New Orleans, and this place is rich in that style.

You must try Yambalaya: It is necessary, this is a funny word, but it’s such a definite eating for what Kitchen is what can be called the “cheeseburger of Cajun Kitchen”. There are so many ways to do this, and every chef has his own flash, but deep down there is almost no wrong way to do this.

Just ask people how they feel about Jambalaya, and they will probably send you to where the best dish is. But, as with local flavors, not all dishes are created equal. Warning can sometimes be a spicy antenna, but the combination of spices, rice, sausages and seafood should put a good base in your stomach for the long nights in the city.

Let the Horse go for a walk: With Jambalae firmly sits in the stomach, maybe walking is not such a good idea. It’s a perfectly nice time to walk around town on one of the horse-drawn boats. You will be surprised by the views of the old ports and the incomparable French, African and Creolian architecture. And it would be impossible for us to exclude the energetic, if not the few unique locals who go about their daily routines. Call it romantically, or whatever you want, but a leisurely journey through the streets to a rhythmic jam of a horse’s hoof will take you out into hypnosis.

French Quarter: Before it was modern in the United States to copy European architecture, New Orleans is being built as it is and is legitimate. This is not an expression of the era of reformation that followed the Civil War, which preceded that in a century.

They call it the French Quarter, because literally it was a French area. Whether you are in music, poetry, history, or even want to search some local stores with potions and spells, there’s no shortage of things to experience here. The only danger is the time to distance yourself from here – there is so much to take.

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We hope you like Seafood: 

Until you finish exploring the French Quarter, you’ll probably be hungry again. And, it would be in a faint taste to indulge in something other than cancer of cancers or shrimp shrimp (or some other offer from Cajun-style sea dishes). By now you will see many restaurants, each of which claims to be the most purified or best. And can not really go wrong, no matter where you turn for a final meal here. If you can not think like local and see what they might recommend.

Perhaps they were referred to here as crabs, crabs, shrimp or some other kind of repetition … when in Rome, as they say. Clean your tails, suck your heads and soak in sweet and savory pieces that is a tradition from Louisiana.

Let’s Groove Tonight: New Orleans is famous for its jazz music. After all, it’s the home of that. Street performers stick to him day, and bars and clubs explode in full force to come at night. It’s like a blues but with lots of brass. Get your partner and dance the night away. You may even want to indulge in one

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