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North Korea has nuclear weapons and China sees the world as the United States loses global influence. In an era adapted to the millennium, the applications, on the same day delivery and almost immediately, the speed with which this new normally arrived should not surprise anyone.

However, there are. Not only because a revolt of this size rarely occurs in contemporary geopolitics, but because the man who drove – President Trump – is a septuagen with a little inclination towards traditional leadership.

His flaws – which manifested themselves and manifested themselves to some and are invisible to others – had public airing this week.

Senators Bob Corker and Jeff Flake fired two-wing defense cricket. Corker,without the use of the word, called Trump liar: “Much of what he says is probably untrue, in fact incorrect, and people know it.”

A few hours later, Flake, in an eloquent and emotional speech before the Senate, called for a change: “It is time for our complacency and our accommodation to be unacceptable.” For Trump’s critics at home, he hoped the attack could either be a political assassination or that he could at least be wounded by Trump for further assault later.

But Trump has an initiative. Corker and Fleck’s political cards are marked. Their debt for lack of loyalty to the president will be paid. At least Trump’s supporters see this.

Abroad, however, that’s another story. Not only the obvious concerns about where his presidency is, but the realization that the arrival of chaos Corker and Flake will be flags, will be as bad as they are afraid.

Flick’s release of Trump’s diplomacy – “alliances and contracts that insure the stability of the whole world are routinely threatened by the level of thought moving in 140 characters” – and Corker’s warning about the implication of Trump’s lie – “Unfortunately, world leaders are very aware of what he says is untrue. ”

In the case of the United Kingdom, the former partner of America in the so-called ” “Special Relationships”, Flake and Corker, the warning that the president can not be trusted, has an overly familiar ring.

In June last year, after a deadly terrorist attack on the London Bridge, London Mayor Sadik Khan told citizens to expect to see more police officers on the streets, but that they have no reason to be disturbed. Shortly thereafter, Trump, who previously had a quarrel with Han, said: “At least 7 dead and 48 injured in a terrorist attack and mayor of London says there is no reason to be upset!”

The Canadian office cheerfully implied that the US president at best does not have the facts, or in the worst case of being deliberately ignorant, a spokesman says Kahn had “more important things to do than respond to Donald Trump’s ill-informed tweet who deliberately exits the context his remarks “.

Last week, Trump tried a similar trick, again at the expense of the UK. The newly released statistics on crime show an increase of 13 per cent in crime-based crime. Trump followed with his own version of this news, which suggests that a 13 percent rise was linked to the “spread of radical Islamic terror”. It was not.

There is only so many times that a leader may want to flip a valuable ally, but in September Trump appeared to go too far, making British Prime Minister Theresa May be back.

How many non-British. But that’s how bad things they have.

After a bomber attempted to activate a plastic bucket full of explosives on a road to downtown London, Trump announced that there was “Another attack in London by a terrorist attacker,” adding that “They are sick and demerit people who were in the celebrities of Scotland Yard (London Police). ”

The problem was that at that time Trump was tweeting so confident that this was a terrorist attack and that the authorities know who the perpetrator is, the incident is still being investigated by the police.

The reservation of Teresa May was cracked, calling her twitter Trump “useless”. She did not mention Trump by name. She did not have to. Everyone knew.

It is the idea that the most powerful man in the world can not be trusted to do The words of Flick and Cork are resonated all over the world. And it gives them palpitations to American allies – and the opening of enemy vents.

Whether in Moscow, Beijing, Tehran or Pyongyang, Trump’s lies are bridging their ambitions.

Moscow receives more recognition as a world power. Beijing is given geopolitical space to boost its growing global reach. Meanwhile, Tehran could reduce US influence in the Middle East. And Pyongyang, of course, can soon become an accepted nuclear power.

When Corker accused Trump of “destroying worldwide relations that were useful,” he was referring to the readiness of American traditional allies to stand on Trump’s side.

Since Trump’s refusal to reaffirm the nuclear deal with Iran, all other signatories – US allies such as France, Germany, the United Kingdom, and even the enemies of Russia and China – are stuck together, warning Trump not to do so.

Iran was not quiet On Thursday, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi not to trust America: “You have to be careful about the wickedness of Americans and never trust them.” He also said the United States was responsible for creating ISIS.

It is carefully sending messages designed to encourage Iraqis to stop US influence in Baghdad and replace it with Iranian influence. America needs its allies to overcome that battle.

Corker and Flake firmly focused on Trump’s ability to be the leader of the free world is a free fall.

His world secretaries of the state and defense have reported thousands of thousands of miles this week, get to know allies, make friends, and build relationships that America needs to keep its place in the world and keep Trump’s dream of an American job track.

When they arrive home, the world will be observing, remembering what Trump had done for Secretary of State Rex Tylerson just last month: after a flight to Beijing to discuss preventing Kim Jong Un’s nuclear ambitions, Trump told Tilerson that It consumes time.

We may never know all the considerations that President Qi Jing Ping assessed before the announcement of China’s new muscle foreign policy this week, but it would be an unreasonable diplomat who exclusively ruled out partial analysis of Trump’s imperfect Trump curve.

In the White House, this week’s lesson seems to be that Republicans can not criticize Trump. At the press briefing, Corker and Flick’s criticisms of criticism were dismissed as the death-head of unelected senators.

The legitimate issues of reporters for Corker and Flake are locked in unfriendly briefings to reporters. For many outside of America, this does not seem like a strong leader in control.

On the contrary, it looks like an administration giving up the policy of arrogance, not expressing humility and obviously not teaching lessons.

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