St.Anton-The winter paradise in Austria!

St.Anton fully deserves his cult status among the most modern skiers and snowboarders in the world, thanks to the constant record of snow, the wide and varied ski area of Arlberg (305 km runs, 200 km from the ski trails and over 55 km² off the field outside the track ) and a modern network of 88 lifts. Anton night
It is undoubtedly a resort that supports strong skiers and cyclists – the tracks classified as blues here will generally be red in other resorts, and people will treat off-piste routes displayed on the map of tracks as ordinary things. The resort scatters these marked, but uninhabited off-roaders run on “normal” and “extreme” routes, with the former being less challenging than the latter.

However, even the “normal” routes, such as those down from Schindler Spitze and Kapall, should be treated with caution from everyone, including advanced skiers. “Extreme directions”, as well as the 52nd on the Kandahar-Galzip trail, are best handled by a ski guide. In fact, with so much terrain to explore, and so many people compete for fresh routes on it, engaging a guide is the best way to maximize the potential of St. Anton.

Most of St. Anton’s terrain is located on the north side of the valley, the same side as the city, with the small but entertaining sector of Rendl, on the south side. Growing directly above St. Anton and Nasserein, the mountains of Gampen and Kapal offer pretty gentle paths for beginners at their base, making it a bigger challenge for higher scores.

The pioneering Galzig gondola is the first lift in the world to boast a chair system that allows skiers and snowboarders to climb to the ground level – it drives visitors west through the Moss Valley to Mount Galzig, where the ski area really is opened. The resort St. Christoph is in the valley south of Galzig, while the top levees Valluga and Schindler climb to the east.

The Valluga I cable car drives people to the top of Valluga, while the brave pinstripe can continue to the Valluga II’s small cable car to the very top, overlooked 2,811m. Continue to push northwest along the top of Galzig, and the town of Staben lies in the next valley south, from where you can access the relatively quiet slopes of the Albonagram, while Zurs and Lech are located to the north.


Beginners will want to stay around gentle Nasserein, to begin with, while Randle, who is relatively quiet, is ideal for middlemen looking to find their legs. Rapid worms down from the Albonagram to St. Christoph is great for perfecting carving, from top to bottom from Valuga to St. Anton will test the strongest on the legs, you can save on the World Cup in Kapal and punish the knees of Matthan and Schindler Karp.

The Stanton’s Randall Entertainment Park is accessible from two lifts and is overshadowed by Rand Beach Bar, providing many fans for successful tricks (and many winces for the unsuccessful). The significant park includes three parts, enabling fans of all levels to enjoy it. Proline has large kinelas, pipes and a number of challenging rails and boxes.

The middle Kickerline is located in the center of the park, with jumps ranging from 7m to 11m, and Jibline contains a wide range of rails and boxes suitable for more precise freestyle fans. The park is shaped every day, and according to the conditions of snow, you will also find natural pipes, corners, spikes, and kickers.

Two legendary bars on both sides of the blue trail of Galzig to St. Anton were largely responsible for putting the resort on the map as the capital of the world in the 1960s. Mooserwirt, the self-proclaimed “worst world” album, is the essence of Austrian oompah après – dancing from 3:30 pm, fueled by huge amounts of beer and Jägermeister and vulgar music, provided by the legendary 60- Mario Mat took over Krazy Kanguruh in 2011, giving him a (very pink) rearrangement – but remains very much the same as before, pulling out crowds of young Swedish and Australian skiers for a little hyper-vibration from Mooserwirt.

Below the Galzig trail, the underground of the route is located in a wooden candle villa. Australian Joan’s owned flaming hair for more than 20 years and the most sought-after place for the Piste to Powder guides and their customers, there is usually a live acoustic band, while beer and Glühwein flow freely.
At the foot of the Galziaga gallows, you will find Anton’s bar with a modern bar, which is popular with the instructors at the ski school in Arlberg.

Basecamp is also located at the base of the track, with an open bar and a live DJ playing every afternoon. It has a small menu with good basics (soups, pasta) for après munchies.

base camp
Later in the evening, they head to Murrmel or Piccadilly and Postkeller (which reopened in 2016/17 after prolonged closing and extensive renovation), two lasting St Anton favorites, which always offer merry songs and dancing. The new favorite in the city is the Hells Club located in the Hotel Tyrol, a late night bar and a disco with wonderful interiors.

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