Republicans still don’t know what Donald Trump wants on healthcare, Mitch McConnell says

Trump says :  ”Sometimes it helps” to feud with other Republicans.

Republicans are still not sure what Donald Trump should do about health and await the direction of the president, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said.

“What I am waiting for is to hear from President Trump what kind of health care plan he could sign,” said Sen McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, during a CNN event at the State Union.

Despite both houses controlled by Republicans, Congress has failed to abolish Barack Obama’s law on health care on several occasions, fell short of a long-standing conservative promising campaign. By strengthening legal efforts, Mr. Trump moved to destroy the central aspect of the law by deducting health insurance payments.

Due to warnings that the withdrawal would exceed insurance markets, Republican Senator Lamar Alexander and Democrat Patti Murray issued a pay-maintenance agreement – a bill that has since attracted the support of both sides. The president sent mixed signals to the bill, saying: “I will not do it,” and then “it’s a very good decision” during the same performance next week.

Asked about what follows, Sen McConnell appeared uncertain about the president’s intentions.

“We need an account that the president will actually sign, and I’m not sure what the president is asking for here, but I would be happy to bring a bill if I knew the president would sign it,” said Sen McConnell.

In a separate Fox News interview, Mr Trump praised the authors of the new draft law, but was unclear as to whether he would support the measure. He noted that the secretary of the US Department of Health and Social Services has “immense freedom” to administer the law (his management choice for the agency, Tom Price, has recently quit over reports of his use of private and military aircraft) and said he believes that the complete abolition will continue.

“We will have so long before the 2018 elections,” Mr Trump said.

The president clashed with Sen McConnell and other Senate Republicans because of their failure to advance the abolition of health care law and, above all, over their issues related to his foreign policy. Asked about his public talks with Republican senators Bob Corker and John McCain, who both warned Mr Trump’s foreign policy was destabilizing the world, Mr Trump said that “quarrels and quarrels” were useful.

“Sometimes it helps,” Trump said. “Sometimes people do things they need to do.”

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