London-the city of the Royals and the London Eye

Broke into history, the rich strains of London from an ancient eye that open an eye are everywhere. The buildings in the city are striking milestones in a unique biography. Also many of them – the London Tower, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben – are currently recognizable landmarks.

There is more than enough innovation (Shard, the extension Tate Modern, the planned Garden Bridge) to burst into the air, but never submerges the lonely experienced, century narrative. Architectural magnificence rises all around you in West End. The old remains of the city and charming pubs break the historic neighborhoods, the leaves suburbs, and the river banks. Take your choice.

Art and Culture

A tireless inventor of art and culture, London is a city of ideas and imagination. London has always had fiercely independent thinkers (and critics), but as people have long been suspicious of something they considered to be avant-garde.

It is in the past, and the creative milieu of the city is followed by a position on the left field, whether it is theater innovation, contemporary art, pioneer music, writing, poetry, architecture or design. Food is another creative arena that has become a ruthless obsession in certain circles.


This city is deeply multicultural, with one out of three Londoners born abroad, representing 270 nationalities and 300 languages. The UK may have voted for Brexit (although the majority of London has not done so), but for now, London remains one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world, and the diversity brings everyday life, food, music, and fashion.

It even penetrates into essentially British institutions; The British Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum have varied collections such as magnificent. And the tastes of the century-old storm market meet the full global gourmet spectrum.

A story about two cities

London is just as much for wide-open landscape, as is high-density, species-packed urban research. Central London is where major museums, galleries, and most iconic landmarks are gathered. Visit Hempstead Heath or the Queen Elizabeth Park to escape from the crowds and walk around wide open green spaces.

You can also venture further into the Kew Gardens, Richmond or Hampton Court Palace for beautiful panoramas on the River London followed by a beer in a quiet pub water.

What to eat-Beef Wellington

Perhaps the element with the most British name on the list, Wellington beef consists fillet steak, often covered with pate, which is then wrapped in leafy baked goods and cooked. Moorish, friable and full, the bovine Wellington is the standard British classic, despite the fact that it is now believed that the vessel was not named after the Duke of Wellington, but instead of the city of Wellington, New Zealand. But we will not say anything if not!

 Where to go:

-Buckingham Palace –The Queen’s official Residence has an incredible 775 rooms. It is one of the few working royal palaces that have remained today in the world. The lavishly decorated state rooms in the palace are open to visitors during the summer months and you can visit the whole year to see the famous Change of Guard.


-London Eye-

 London Eye is a major feature of the London market. It boasts some of London’s finest views of its 32 capsules, each weighing 10 tonnes and holding up to 25 people. You get on a ship for a remarkable experience! With an unforgettable perspective of more than 55 of the most famous landmarks in London – and all that in just 30 minutes!

-Tower of London- 

Take a tour around the London Tower, one of the world’s most famous buildings. Discover 900-year history as a royal palace, prison and place of execution, an arsenal, a jewel and a zoo! Take a look at the White Tower, turn through the medieval royal bedroom and admire the crown jewelry.

-Madame Tussauds London- 

In Madame Tussauds, you will come face-to-face with some of the world’s most famous faces. From Shakespeare to Lady Gaga you will meet influential figures from show business, sports, politics and even the royal family. Take a selfie with Usain Bolt or get a once-in-a-lifetime audience with Her Majesty Queen.

-Kensington Palace-


 The Kensington Palace is one of the most intriguing historical royal palaces. Discover stories from Queen Victoria’s life at the Victoria Discoveries exhibition; master court games in Royal Article Apartments. Look at a modern princess in an exhibition of dresses of Diana and discovered the secrets of the fragile dynasty in the quarters of the queen.

-Westminster Abbey-

 Fully deserving its World Heritage status, because more than one million visitors annually joined this 700-year-old building. Go to one of his most popular tours and take a place in the history of the British kings and queens of the old.

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