Lake Hillier or Pinк-Lake is it a legend or a truth?

Surely you are tough from everyday travel destinations? Looking for something unusual or strange, do you want to add something special to your vacation list?
In that case Lake Hillier is the right place for you!

Location: Western Australia

A unique and wonderful place to visit is Lake Hilier. A salty lake with a location on the very edge of Middle Island one of the larger islands of the archaeological group of the Recherche, in the Goldfields-Esperance region (South Coast of Western Australia).

Only a thin line consisting of row trees and beach divides this lake from the South Ocean. What makes this lake unusual and special it’s not its location, but its beautiful pink color.

Lake Hillier is 2000 meters long and is 820 feet wide. Surrounded by vegetation covered with many dunes, sandstone and dense forest. This lake does not lose its pink color, it remains pink all year round. You wonder how it gets the unusual color? Scientists have an answer to this question.

“The color will not change even if you take a small portion in a bottle or canister because it contains a large amount of salt, algae dependent on salts called Dunaliella salina and also bacteria.” More precisely, a large number of living microorganisms and Dunaliella salina and salt water are the main factor for the to produce red color.

While in combination with reddish-pink halophilic bacteria in the salt bark causes the formation of a pink color.

Australia Leak

How I found out

From which it was discovered? The answer is very difficult. Some sources claim that Matthew Flinders, together with his expedition on 15 January 1802, first noticed the lake. However, the earliest written sources for this beautiful lake can also be found in the Finders’ journal entries.

People who know this area better know that lake looks to be bubblegum pink from above but from the shore color seems to be closer to pure pink. It’s good to know that although the amount of salt is similar to that of the Dead Sea, it does not cause a negative impact on the mammals, and is completely safe for swimming.

Way to get to Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier is part of the River Archipelago Natural Reserve and enjoys in his protected status. One of the ways to explore the surrounding forest and lake is by helicopter, and another with the reservation of seats on an informative cruise.

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